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971 FC - 1

The Agenda
Saturday, May 4, 2024
Main Card with 7 professional fights
Prelims with 7 professional fights




971 FC - 2

The Agenda
Saturday, September 14, 2024
Main Card with 7 professional fights
Prelims with 7 professional fights




971 FC - 3

Saturday, October 26, 2024
Main Card with 7 professional fights
Prelims with 7 professional fights




971 FC - 4

TBC (Outdoor)
Saturday, December 28, 2024
Main Card with 7 professional fights
Prelims with 7 professional fights

Live-Streaming Strategy &

Growth Opportunity

Previous Event's Success

The first 971 FC event achieved significant viewership with 200,000 global viewers across platforms like Fite TV, Triller TV,, and Sports Nation TV, establishing 971 FC as a leader in the Middle East's MMA scene.

Strategic Expansion to
Pay-Per-View Model

Transitioning to a pay-per-view model to leverage the growing fan base and demand, aiming to increase revenue and support future expansion and event quality enhancements. 971 FC will retain 60% of revenue from PPV sales, ensuring substantial financial returns from our streaming content.

Addition of New Streaming Partners

Adding reputable streaming partners like ESPN Knockout and DAZN to extend reach and appeal, enhancing brand prestige and maximizing viewer engagement. These partnerships are pivotal in distributing our PPV content effectively.

Selective Platform Strategy

The success allows 971 FC to be selective in choosing streaming platforms, aiming to expand distribution and cater to a diverse global audience to maximize viewership and revenues. This strategy enables us to negotiate favorable terms and optimize our revenue share.

Future Projections and Goals

Anticipates growth in viewers and revenue, reinforcing 971 FC's position as a major player in global MMA. The goal is to use this momentum to improve event offerings and expand audience engagement, bolstered by the lucrative 60% revenue share from PPV streams.


Committed to providing high-quality, accessible combat sports entertainment, using advanced streaming technology and strategic partnerships to attract global viewers and increase revenue. Our financial strategy, including taking a significant share of PPV revenue, positions us for sustained growth and success in the competitive sports entertainment market.

Media Partners

Our Story and Purpose


Aiming to showcase the true beauty of martial arts through the creation of authentic heroes and the world’s most captivating events in the GCC Region, 971 Fighting Championship is planning to plant its roots as the Middle East largest sports media property.

971’s mission is to champion the many benefits and values of martial arts such as respect, courage, integrity, and humility. By telling athletes’ inspirational stories, 971 hopes to provide society at large with role models to look up to, characters that empower people with the hope, inspiration, and strength to overcome adversity in their daily lives.

Headquartered in Dubai, 971 employs world-class production standards and industry-leading event production to hold the largest sports entertainment events in major cities across the Middle East. Each spectacle features some of the biggest blue-chip partners in the Region and stars the best international martial artists.


At 971 FC, our mission is to cultivate and promote the spirit of martial arts and combat sports in the region. We are dedicated to providing a platform for fighters from across the globe to showcase their skills, while simultaneously fostering local talent and nurturing a vibrant martial arts community in the region.

Our goal is not only to entertain audiences with world-class fighting competitions but also to inspire individuals to pursue excellence, discipline, and perseverance both inside and outside the arena. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, sportsmanship, and fairness in all aspects of our operations, ensuring that 971 FC remains a beacon of excellence in the world of combat sports.


At 971 FC, we envision a future where martial arts and combat sports are deeply ingrained in the cultural fabric of the United Arab Emirates. We aspire to become the premier destination for fighters, fans, and enthusiasts alike, drawing competitors and spectators from every corner of the globe to experience the excitement and spectacle of our events.

Through our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, we seek to elevate the profile of combat sports in the region, positioning Dubai as a global hub for high-stakes competition and unparalleled athleticism.

We are driven by a vision of inclusivity and diversity, where individuals of all backgrounds and nationalities come together to celebrate the universal values of respect, courage, and camaraderie that define the martial arts ethos. With determination and passion, we aim to write the next chapter in the rich history of combat sports, leaving a lasting legacy of inspiration and achievement for generations to come.